Sunday Mass: Saturday 6 pm (Vigil),  Sunday  9 am  (Children’s Liturgy once a month) and Sunday 11 am (Children’s Liturgy weekly term time).

During August: Sunday Mass times are:  Saturday 6 pm (Vigil) and Sunday 10 am only

Weekday  Mass As announced in our newsletter  (normally 10 am) 

Holy Days of Obligation:  Previous evening  7.30 pm (Vigil) 7 am and 10 am (see newsletter).

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 5.15 pm – 5.45 pm and by appointment. 


Friday 16th November

10 am 

Mass times for week commencing  Sunday 18th November  2018, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


(Sunday Vigil Mass)      6 p.m.

 Sunday                            9 am & 11am (Children’s Liturgy 9am & 11am)

Monday 19th November 

10 am

6 pm Convent, 1a The Avenue

Tuesday 20th November

10 am 

Wednesday 21st November

9.00 am

Thursday 22nd November

11am Requiem Mass, Noreen Chaplin RIP

6pm Convent, 1a The Avenue

Friday 23rd November

10 am 

Saturday 24th November

5.15 – 5.45pm Sacrament of Reconciliation

6 p.m. Sunday Vigil Mass

Mass times for week commencing Sunday 25th November, Christ the King

(Sunday Vigil Mass)      6 p.m.

 Sunday                          9am and 11am (No Children’s Liturgy)

St Martha’s Convent is at 1A, The Avenue, Potters Bar