Their mission is to provide resources which encourage, inspire and challenge homeless people to transform their lives.

One of our parishioners Paula, has a sister called Geraldine, who along with her friend Sarit wrote and recorded a charity song and decided that they would like to use it in order to raise funds for The Passage.

Following a meeting with Andrew Hollingsworth from The Passage they decided they wanted to donate to a scheme which provides a homeless friend with the necessities to get back into work and off the streets over a one month period. They are aiming to help five people in this way at the cost of £610 per person.

Their page is

Here you can read their story and donate to the cause . Every single penny goes to this amazing charity and they would ask people just to give what they can and spread the word.

The song can be found at:

It’s called Make it Right (The Gratitude song)