An Opportunity to Explore life, faith, and meaning

Alpha is a worldwide phenomenon – since 1992 it’s spread to more than 160 countries – with over 60,000 Alpha courses running across all the main Christian denominations. Over 20 million guests have been on an Alpha course – and it’s been translated into 112 languages.

If you have questions about Christianity that you would like to ask, this course may be for you.

You may feel Christianity is outdated or boring – or it could be that it is something you haven’t had time to think about. Alpha enables you to expand your knowledge and decide if it’s for you.

There are 12 weekly sessions, we always begin with some nice food and a chance to get know each other, chat about the day, and generally relax. Then we gather together to watch a presentation on a particular aspect of the Christian faith followed by a lively discussion on the issues or questions raised. Alpha is free, no fuss, totally informal, and absolutely no pressure.

Our next course starts on Monday, January 24th 2022, and is now available to book.

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