Celebrating in the light of Christ

5th & 12th August 2018, 18th & 19th Sundays in Ordinary Time

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Parish Priest: Canon Shaun Lennard

Presbytery: 243, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 2AT

Deacon: Rev. Donal Hopkins

Catechetical Co-ordinator: Mrs Francesca Khaliq

Parish Secretary: Mrs Bernadette Saunders

Office hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9.30am – 12.30pm N.B. closed Wednesday 8th & Friday 17th August

A fairtrade parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster

The Bread of Life

18th Sunday: After the account of the miraculous feeding of the five thousand, Jesus explains the significance of the event. First he stresses that its importance lies not in the material food that goes bad, but in that of which the food is a sign. The people must understand the sign-value of the food, its ultimate fulfilment in Jesus of the manna in the desert: we do not live by bread alone but by every word which comes from the mouth of God. The whole explanation is built on a contrast between Moses and Jesus, between the food given by Moses and that given by Jesus. Jesus is the bread of life as the Eucharistic bread, and also as revelation. We often concentrate exclusively on the Eucharistic meaning of this chapter. This introduction to the Bread of Life discourse, however, emphasises that it is belief and understanding which is first required, and only then does Jesus begin to explain the deeper meaning of the bread. Jesus gives the explanation of what he has done in the synagogue at Capernaum, and – after the manner of Jewish sermons of the time – each phrase of the scriptural quotation from the Book of Exodus is commented on in turn: Bread from heaven / he gave them / to eat. If this miraculous feeding is a sign, what is it a sign of?

                                                                                                                                                                                               Belief as Eternal Life                                                                                                                                                                                             19th Sunday: We always think of this Bread of Life discourse as centred on the Eucharist, but the first part of it is centred on the bread of life as the revelation of God. In a similar way, the Liturgy of the Word which proclaims the revelation of God through Scripture is the first part of the Mass. As we said last week, in this discourse Jesus is following the pattern of Jewish sermons with a detailed commentary upon the text from Exodus: ‘Bread from heaven he gave them to eat’. Then half-way through the sermon comes a quotation from the prophets, a sort of half-time booster quote. This quotation from Isaiah appears in today’s gospel reading: ‘They will all be taught by God’. In context this quote occurs in a passage exploring the personal relationship of each believer to the Lord. The Lord will sow in our hearts individually the knowledge of himself, so that each of us has a personal bond with God which is cultivated by prayer. If we listen to the Father and learn from him, we come to Jesus, who has seen the Father. So in this reading the emphasis is on listening, seeing, believing the revelation of the Father. Faith is no abstract set of truths but a personal knowing, just as we know those we love on earth. Only at the end of today’s reading do we move on to the topic of eating the Bread of Life. How and where do you listen to what God has to say to you?

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB


Sunday 12th August (19th in Ordinary Time Yr. B)

Readings Kings 19: 4-8, Eph.4:30-5:2, John 6: 41-51

Readers Sat 6pm: Rosan Ali & Esther Dallan

Sun 10am: Warren Brown & Kate Ringham

Bidding Prayers: Josephine Maguire

Sunday 19th August (20th in Ordinary Time Yr. B)

Readings Proverbs: 9:1-6, Eph.5: 15-20, Jn.6: 51-58

Readers Sat 6pm Karen Davies & Rosan Ali

Sun 10am: Maria Cunningham & Marian Hopkins

Bidding Prayers: Rosemarie Surry

AUGUST MASS is 6pm Sat (Vigil) & 10am Sun

Cleaning w/c 5 August Team A, Linda Ahearne, Tina Cullen, Cathy McRobb, Betty Healy.

Cleaning w/c 12 August Team B, Kathleen Christofides, Margaret Clancy, Linette Pinto.


Sunday 29th July: Envelopes £390, Loose £310

Little Sisters of the Poor total £2415.

Thank you for your generosity.


We welcome Fr Miguel Guillen who will be ministering and Iiving in the presbytery, while Fr Shaun is away. Fr Shaun returns on 20th August.

For the month of August there will be only one Sunday morning Mass at 10am. The Saturday vigil Mass will continue at 6pm. Fortnightly newsletters will be published on 5th & 19th August.


Wednesday 15 August, is the Feast of The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary and It is a Holyday of Obligation. Mass will be at the usual times for Holydays; Tuesday 14th August 7.30pm and Wednesday 15th August 10am.


A massive thank you to the Social Committee and to all the other volunteers who made the Family and Friends BBQ such a wonderful occasion. Thank you to all those who donated food and goods. Thanks also to the wonderful band from St Thomas’ Church in Oakwood and to our own home-grown musicians.


Every year we have people interested in knowing more about the Church who might like to become Catholics. On Monday 1st October there will be a ‘come and see’ supper for anybody interested in knowing more. People who have gone through the process will talk about their experience over a light supper. WHO COULD YOU ASK? Invitations are available in the narthex. Take one today and ASK!


Two meetings and training sessions will take place on Saturday 15 September and Saturday 22 September 2018 at 4pm for any person who would like to serve Mass. You must have received First Holy Communion to be able to serve at Mass. The meeting is expected to last approximately 75 minutes. So if you are thinking about becoming involved in this ministry, please do come along. Parents are welcome to stay.


Emails have now been sent out to all candidates/parents who have submitted registration forms. If you submitted a form and still have not had an email from Francesca Khaliq, then please email her as soon as possible.


An email will be sent with an OV7A form; this will need to be completed if you would like to take part in the sponsored sleepover on Friday 5th October. Please make sure you complete the form and return it to the Parish Office. Hard copies will be available on the table in the Narthex. Please do not delay in returning this form as places are limited. Any queries please contact Francesca Khaliq.


Children’s Liturgy runs on a Sunday during 9am and 11am Masses. The Liturgy is for children from Reception to Year 2. There will be no Children’s Liturgy during the summer holidays and will resume again on the 9th September. We have a great team of Children’s Liturgists who run the liturgy each week and we are looking for some more volunteers to help. Please contact Francesca Khaliq for more details.


No tea and coffee after Tuesday Masses during August


Prayer Group will resume on Tuesday 11th September when we look forward to welcoming new members.


The next over 50s’ Club will be on Friday 14th September from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in the Parish Hall. All welcome.


Mass Intentions for September can be booked in person or by phone from 10.30am this Tuesday 7 August 2018


Many parishioners and visitors do not know about putting a host in the ciborium before Mass and this leads to fluctuations in numbers. It is easier and more welcoming if we just estimate numbers and so you will no longer have to do this.


Mon 6th                 10am Mass

Tues 7th                10am Mass

Weds 8th               10am Mass

Thurs 9th                No Mass

Fri 10th                    10am Mass

Sun 12th (Sat) Vigil 6pm, Sunday 10am

Mon 13th                10am Mass

Tues 14th               7.30pm Vigil Mass, The Assumption  

Weds 15th             10am Mass, The Assumption

Thurs 16th              No Mass

Fri 17th                  10am Mass

Sunday 18th (Sat) Vigil 6pm, Sunday 10am

Please remember in your prayers:

The sick, their families and all who care for them, including: Betty Swift, Peggy Rafferty, Damien Grafton, Marsaili MacAuley, John Wilkinson, Linda Brooks, Patricia Wallington, Coral Morton, Cathy Sexton, Grant Davis, David Bradford, Bridie Spelzini, Frank Casali, Susan Lundrigan, Kay Lewthwaite, Jean Rudd, Theresa Round, Aileen Freeman, Joan Bonner, Marshall Fernandes, Antonia Cox, Olive McQuade, Gloria DeChristopher and Marissa Jacobs.

The lately dead: Marie Kennedy and all those whose anniversaries occur about this time Including: Bernard Gray and Eric Conder.

Congratulations to the parents of Alexander Guang-Feng Witt who was baptised last weekend.